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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Adicts/Vice Squad split live and loud!!

Here is my personal favorite from both bands this live split is some hard fast and angry stuff first of all The Adicts rip it on their set all the jams, sum crazy scandals in that UK accent.The Vice Squad set is the best the i have heard from them i have to say, way more faster and the way it should of been recorded in the records but at least we have this to blast LIVE AND LOUD!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?vsm88zf6syiiax5

Monday, December 19, 2011

NYX NEGATIVE - Punk Cassette (sweden ,1983)

This is and amazing cassette coming out of Sweden in 1983 the sound was a bit different from what bands were doing at that time i think cause to me this has a more of American and English sound to it, has the Swedish aggressive vocals and the driving hardcore in the vein of maybe DC hardcore..Hate, if you think it those not. They also had a 7inch but nothing compares to this!BLAST IT LOUD!

Hard Corpuscles(Melbourne) - 'Decide' 1987

This GEM came out in 1987 on Reactor Records. Lots of mystery in this band actually only release this LP and they were also on the 'The Not So Lucky Country' comp with the song 'Ronald Is..' that's all. What  i can say is its a must! Great grovy riffs that go from chill to hard heading hardcore anthems with a good message and ragging vocals to back it up!makes you want to go skate terrorize Government property all that good stuff. ENJOY! PLAY LOUD! and THINK!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

PORNO PATROL(Berlin) - Jump Back 7'

Out of Berlin these German hardcore punkers with their only release "Jump Back" from 1983.Porno Patrol was a awesome band catchy riffs love the bass lines on this EP makes me wanna pogo and smash faces when i lisend to this! Brings me back to my teenage years..Dam i miss those times blasting UK82 with funny hair my leather with a shit ton of studs crazy chain up boots and drunk as fuck with the not giving a fuck attitude haha!
Here enjoy! Play loud!!Get DRUNK!http://www.mediafire.com/?3b5pk4iwvss4ndh

RAPES(JAP) - Murderer's Night

From the almighty Japan another crazy release came out 1988 thrashy hardcore punk with lots of heavy fast riffs and brutal breakdowns! A must! Crossover if i have to say, for some reason this band reminds me in some part to the legendary band The Accused specially the vocals and some Corrosion of Conformity style riffs.The cover is fucking rad the art work is gnarly looking! Enjoy!! FUCKING RAPES!! WORSHIP! http://www.mediafire.com/?21jqt3cgagwf2ks

Friday, December 16, 2011

DIOXINA - Nessuna Pieta (no mercy)

This is one good Italian hardcore punk band kinda Oi at part with a real tough attitude.This gem came out in 1985 on R.I.P. REC, they also have a 1983 rehearsal tape which in search off. This song are catchy and more metalic sounding that's for sure great solos awesome angry vox and brutal artwork! Here are six songs full of intensity and anger! Enjoy and play loud!!

Long cold winter days..

I haven't been posting anything is a while been dealing with lots of shit daily  life crap..Not all has been shitty i been working hard on my Two upcoming bands(deception,radiator) its coming out amazing shits sounding raw! having our first show for Deception @ submission in SF next month Jan 14 to be exact., so if your in the area come check it out we are some nice piss off hardcore crossover in the vein of the 80s sound.We are playing with upcoming band like Sharkfin (SF crazy female fronted hardcore krazyness),Street Justice(NY 80s hardcore),Protesto(especimen cover band from SJ) real good actully!! and one more that ain't on the flyer.Here is the flyer.. come support and come have a loud night with us!

                              Well I'm on a hardcore punk rampage so here comes sum mayhemm!!!