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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Haven't posted on here in a really long time so i decided to start it back up with a bang! On the real i been out the loop on keeping up with all these new Bands/Releases and to be honest not a lot of new bands i really care for.. over the years bands have gotten way more trendy and repetitive that i just got tired of them but lately i been getting back into checking new bands out and came across their "OUT OF THE GUTTER, INTO THE STINKHOLE" 2018 Demo tape and that shit was nasty love the weird little groovy intros that trow you off at first then they go into some heavy noisy hardcore punk frenzy did i mention they even have some dark trumpet parts totally worth checking out! Stinkhole hails from Berlin Germany their second release on Mangel Records came out on this rad pink 7 inch EP with some really far out looking art layout the egg of the cover remind me of some 70's cartoon. This EP is dark and twisted same format as the first demo slow heavy parts to stompy raw noisy hardcore punk with some nasty puking like vocals.

SUPPORT - https://stinkhole.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-the-gutter-into-the-stinkhole