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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Scam - Everything Ends In Rot

Here we have some more scary stuff! Just look at the creepy cover it for sure shows their sound in cover gnarly screams of agony, trippy guitar riffs heavy bass lines something you hear in a horror film about psychotic murderer creeping over shadows haunting his victim ready to attack when you least expected!! hahaha really that's what i think when i blast this EP. Out of New Hampshire in 1986 THE SCAM!        PLAY IT LOUD AND WORSHIP!

Plague - Just Say No 7" EP 1987

Sinister sounding fast hardcore punk straight out of Cleveland Ohio, This EP came out in 1987 among the rest of there release this is my favorite! When i blast this EP it remind me of a horrible nightmare specially when it hits 'Johnny's Brain' the echo voices penetrate your mind then follows to more ragging hardcore. Every song on here is a instant jam at time it remind me of POISON IDEA  if that dose not grab you by the balls then this ain't for you! ENJOY AND BLAST IT LOUD get POSSESSED!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Social Decay - 1985 demo N.J.H.C.

Social Decay came out of  New Jersey one of beginners and one of the most underrated bands my favorite NJ band hands down..This 1985 demo cassette is packed with power, anger, and intensity! all the tracks are hardcore anthems with crazy vocals and ragging maniac drummer and catchy riff. Unfortunately the singer Dave Johnson has past away..RIP your soul will live thru the blasting sounds of this demo.ENJOY and PLAY LOUD!! http://www.mediafire.com/?of1i5ql5d3x366w

line up is..

Dave Johnson - Vocals
Tommy Southard - Guitar
Steve Omert - Bass
Chris Marzulli - Drums